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Erik, a photographer living in Ontario, Canada. An educated Salesperson and Health & Fitness Coach with educational background in business. A few years ago I  picked up a camera with an already sense of adventure  and I was off. 

I find my inspiration all over the world but I'm especially drawn to the landscape landmarks of waterfalls, rock formations, power of the earth (wave, storm)  and the starry sky. I'm a child of the postmodern era and have grown up with action movies such as Armageddon, Avatar, Lord of the Rings and 300; all of which influence my images heavily. With minimalism being my favourite type of fine art photography; I try to find the beauty of minimalism in all the places I visit. I often think of my art as expressions of feelings. That's also the reason why my pictures are not just black and white or just colorful and shiny.

It's the full spectrum all the way from the relaxing and peaceful over the epic awe and wonder to the dramatic and depressive. It can be a mix of feelings; it can be confusing; it can be simple and it can be fresh. I shoot to edit. Half the work is done in the editing phase, where the pictures come to life and where the mood I'm in influence the final product.

Though my passion for landscape photography is deep. I do practice many different types of photography such as:

- Portrait Photography.  

- Event Photography (wedding, engagement, birthday, etc.)

- Product Photography. 

- Commercial Photography. 

- Real Estate Photography.

I look forward to sharing my artist expression with you to help a memory last forever. 

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